Test Bank for Statistics for Psychology, 6/E 6th Edition : 0205924174

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Test Bank for Statistics for Psychology, 6/E 6th Edition : 0205924174

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A Descriptive Test Bank for Statistics for Psychology , 6/E By Arthur Aron, Elaine N. Aron, Elliot Coups, ISBN-10: 0205924174 ISBN-13: 9780205924172

Chapter 1 Displaying the order in a group of numbers
Chapter 2 Central tendency and variability
Chapter 3 Some key ingredients for inferential statistics: Z scores, the normal curve, sample versus population, and probability
Chapter 4 Introduction to hypothesis testing
Chapter 5 Hypothesis testing with means of samples
Chapter 6 Making sense of statistical significance: Effect size and statistical power
Chapter 7 Introduction to the t test: Single sample and dependent means
Chapter 8 The t test for independent means
Chapter 9 Introduction to the analysis of variance
Chapter 10 Factorial analysis of variance
Chapter 11 Correlation
Chapter 12 Prediction
Chapter 13 Chi-square tests
Chapter 14 Strategies when population distributions are not normal: Data transformations and rank-order tests
Chapter 15 Integration and the general linear model and Making sense of advanced statistical procedures in research articles

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