Test Bank for CCH Federal Taxation Comprehensive Topics 2014 Harmelink 080802972X

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Test Bank for CCH Federal Taxation Comprehensive Topics 2014 Harmelink 080802972X

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Chapter 1 Introduction to Federal Taxation and Understanding the Federal Tax Law
Chapter 2 Tax Research, Practice and Procedure
Chapter 3 Individual Taxation–An Overview
Chapter 4 Gross Income
Chapter 5 Gross Income–Exclusions
Chapter 6 Deductions: General Concepts and Trade or Business Deductions
Chapter 7 Deductions: Business/Investment Losses and Passive Activity Losses
Chapter 8 Deductions: Itemized Deductions
Chapter 9 Tax Credits, Prepayments, and Special Methods
Chapter 10 Property Transactions: Determination of Basis and Gains and Losses
Chapter 11 Property Transactions: Nonrecognition of Gains and Losses
Chapter 12 Property Transactions: Treatment of Capital and Section 1231 Assets
Chapter 13 Tax Accounting
Chapter 14 Taxation of Corporations–Basic Concepts
Chapter 15 Corporate Nonliquidating Distributions
Chapter 16 Corporate Distributions in Complete Liquidations
Chapter 17 Corporate Reorganizations
Chapter 18 Accumulated Earnings and Personal Holding Company Taxes
Chapter 19 Partnerships–Formation and Operation
Chapter 20 Partnerships–Distributions, Sales and Exchanges
Chapter 21 S Corporations
Chapter 22 Federal Estate Tax, Federal Gift Tax and Generation-Skipping Transfer Tax
Chapter 23 Income Taxation of Trusts and Estates
Chapter 24 Deferred Compensation and Education Planning
Chapter 25 Multijurisdictional Taxation: International and State and Local Transactions

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